Bassett's Station Activities and Area
In The Warmer Months

Bassetts Station sits at the gateway to the Gold Lakes Basin
Recreational area.  Over 40 high Sierra lakes are just minutes
away. All are teaming with trout. Some are shallow and warm in the
summer and are good for swimming. Some are secluded. Some are
windy and provide good sailing and wind surfing. Some have
picturesque water skiing.  All the lakes are beautiful.

Many camp grounds are in the area. Miles of trails (including the
Pacific Crest Trail), and improved and unimproved roads go deep
into the forest. If you hike, drive, ride a bike or horse they can lead
you to:
water falls
mountaineering locations on the Sierra Buttes
scenic vista points
Indian artifacts
old gold mines
panning for gold in the Yuba river
world class bird watching
fishing and hunting.

For the more civilized adventurer, within 20 miles there is:
golfing and tennis in Graegle
fine dining
museums in Sierra City, Downieville and Loyalton
music concerts and poetry readings

In the Winter Months

Bassetts Station is at the intersection on Highway 49, Gold Lake
Road and Forest Road 54. Highway 49 is open to auto traffic year
round. The other two roads are closed to auto traffic and become
groomed trails for the winter sport enthusiasts. The Bassetts
gateway leads to:
great snowmobiling
excellent cross country skiing
snow shoeing
ice fishing
the groomed trail can also provide for good winter hiking
Rent a room at  the Bassetts Motel and your sno-park parking
hassles are over. We will reserve a spot for you.
One of Bassett's world
famous humming birds
and the birders
Getting ready in the staging area,
below the Bassett's Station parking lot.
Snowbusters on the back side of Sierra Buttes
Hiking to Frazier Falls
Looking down on Gold Lake from Mills Peak
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